How to be the best man in your own life

jamaicas matey was voted number one man in his home country in a new poll, with a poll of 1,200 male voters.

He has been given the title of ‘America’s favourite male meme’.

In his own words: “It’s not about me being a nice guy.

It’s not a question of whether I like you.

It just about how much I respect you.”

The man with a famous smile, known as jamaican matey has a large following on social media, where he has received millions of hits in just three years.

He has been the subject of a number of memes, including one featuring him posing with a black and white image of President Barack Obama.

In a post on Twitter, jamaicans matey said: “To be honest, I don’t know what to say.

I don, either.”

He added: “The only thing that matters is that you are happy and healthy and good with yourself.

I am happy and well and feeling so much better and better each day.”

But it was not just jamaias matey who got the thumbs up.

Other popular posts included:”A little love in this life is a lot more than a nice smile”and “A nice guy will do anything to get the ladies”.

Jamaicans mates have also received praise for their work ethic.

Mr Matey, a father of three and former professional footballer, has been recognised for his commitment to his family.

His daughter, Jessica Matey (aged 17), said her dad’s dedication was a great example of the way men should treat women.

“It is about respect and dignity and it’s about treating women with respect and the dignity to do that is not only a fatherly thing but also a fatherhood thing,” she said.

“Jamaica is such a beautiful country, and the whole country is so proud of our men, that they should treat their women with dignity and respect.”

Mr Mateys wife, Jillian Matey was awarded a posthumous award for her contributions to American culture.

She said the recognition was an honour to be a part of.

“The whole family has been very proud of him.

He’s a wonderful example of what the American men should be and the men should aspire to be,” she told the ABC.”

He has a big family and he’s just a very good man.”

A number of other celebrities and actors also made the top 10, including actor Jack Black, musician Bono, actor-comedian Stephen Fry, singer Katy Perry, and comedian David Cross.ABC/AAP

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