What do you call a guy who lives in a condo with a wife who doesn’t work?

MADRID, Spain — In the midst of his first stint in Spain, the young Spanish judge whose court case inspired the film “Judgment at Mateya” has an eye on his next assignment: the world’s second largest court.

On Thursday, Marco Matey, 30, will face a jury trial on corruption charges in the northeastern city of Alcanar, where the case of Matey’s former lover, Maria Paula, is currently underway.

Prosecutors say Matey stole money from his wife to support his family.

Matey denies the accusations.

In court documents, he says he was trying to get money from Maria Paula to support her two children.

The trial is scheduled to begin on March 6, but the court has adjourned the trial until mid-March, when Matey will make his first appearance before a judge.

Matey was accused of stealing money from Matey in 2015, but he was acquitted on the bribery charges in 2017.

The judge in Matey and Mateys case is Maria Paula’s mother, Juanita, who says her son is innocent.

“My son is a hero,” Juanita told ABC News.

“I can’t say anything.

I’m here because my son has been brought to justice.

I hope this trial will bring the truth to the public.”

Mateys lawyer, Manuel Lopez, said in court documents that Matey is innocent, and that the case will be heard by a special judge.

Lopez added that the charges against Matey were based on his “wrong behavior.”

“The prosecutor and the judge made a mistake in bringing a case against Mr. Mateys son,” Lopez said.

“He was innocent, innocent of the allegations made against him.”

The case has drawn criticism from politicians, human rights groups, and others, who say the judicial system in Spain has been corrupted.

The case sparked a worldwide outcry when Mateys wife, Maria, was accused by the police of having a relationship with Matey.

Mateyn claims the affair was consensual.

Mateya is accused of paying the police $30,000 to lie on a police report.

He denies the allegations.

In his own statement to prosecutors, Matey said he “had no knowledge of the investigation” into the case.

“My behavior is not something that I should be judged for,” he said.MATEY’S FIRST COURT JUDGE JUDGESMAN MATEY is facing a trial in Spain after his trial was abruptly canceled.

Mitchay was the judge who heard Matey trial in the case that sparked global outrage.

The documentary sparked a global outcry, and Mateys trial was canceled.

The case was sparked by Mateys claim that Maria Paula used a fake name in her marriage contract to avoid the taxes owed on her inheritance.

She and Mateya were married in 2010 in Alcanador.

Marianna Matey also said she did not receive the money that was promised to her by her husband.

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