How does Australia’s new gun control laws compare to those in the United States?

Posted May 11, 2018 11:16:17 The new gun laws introduced in Australia, including an assault weapons ban, are far from perfect.

But Australia’s gun control measures are better than those in most other countries, including the United Kingdom, where there is widespread support for gun control.

The UK, like Australia, has strict gun laws and has no waiting periods for gun purchases.

The gun control proposals in Australia are aimed at preventing people from buying guns, and only for certain types of gun purchases, like hunting and sporting, and for certain gun owners.

There is no waiting period for gun sales, meaning that anyone with a gun can get a gun within a week, which is a significant improvement from some other countries.

In the United Arab Emirates, the laws are less strict and require an application for a permit, and a background check before buying a gun.

The United States, unlike Australia, is not a strict gun owner-owned country, but gun owners are prohibited from owning more than 10 guns and hunting rifles.

In contrast, the United Nations defines a gun owner as someone who holds a license to own a gun, as well as someone “who has a legal right to own firearms for the purpose of hunting, sporting or target shooting.”

There are also limits on the number of guns a person can own in a home, and how many they can own at a time.

Australia’s laws have been criticised by some gun rights advocates, who say that they do not go far enough in protecting people from the risks of owning a gun without a permit.

Gun owners have argued that Australia’s law is too broad, and that the laws do not cover the kind of guns that can be legally purchased in the country.

Gun rights groups say that the law has been misinterpreted and that Australia is already among the countries with some of the toughest gun laws in the world.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which tracks gun ownership, says that in 2015, there were 8.5 million people who had a licence to own guns, with about 20 per cent of those owning more and 20 per side of the equation being those who have a firearm licence.

The statistics are based on data from the Australian Bureau for Statistics (ABS), and only covers the licence holder and those who are in the same household as the licence holders.

“Australia is not in the top 10 countries where gun ownership is very low,” said Gun Owners Australia’s executive director Peter Hanes.

“Our laws are not the best in the developed world.”

A report by the Gun Owners of Australia, which argues that gun control is needed to curb gun violence, says Australia’s rules are “unfair, ineffective, and have had a chilling effect on firearm ownership by gun owners and those legally prohibited from possessing firearms.”

It says that the gun laws have resulted in people not going out to hunt or hunt at all.

“We have a huge population of people in the middle of nowhere who are very, very well armed,” Mr Hanes said.

“And yet we have no laws at all, and our laws have had an enormous chilling effect.”

Gun owners argue that the restrictions are needed to keep the country safe from gun violence.

They also say that Australia has a gun ownership record, with more than 8 million people owning guns in 2015.

A review by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), which found that firearm ownership rates were about the same across Australia as in the UK and US, found that while there was some variation in the rates of firearm ownership between regions, overall gun ownership rates in Australia were comparable to the United Sates.

Gun owner advocates say the restrictions have resulted from the fact that Australia doesn’t have a national firearms licensing scheme, which has made it difficult for police and prosecutors to conduct background checks and to prevent people from getting guns.

The review also found that some restrictions on gun ownership were implemented for political reasons, and are being enforced for other reasons, such as preventing illegal gun trafficking.

Gun laws in Australia may not be the best around, but many Australians would welcome a relaxed gun law in their own country.

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