Why is Australia so obsessed with selfies?

Aussie news sites have been rife with articles and stories about selfies and selfie-toting Australians, a recent example of which is this article by News Corp Australia’s Andrew Forrest.

He is clearly trying to sell his piece.

And yet, in Australia at least, there is a much more interesting article, which I believe is a great example of the problem: This article by New South Wales Labor MP David Feeney was published last week, and it is worth reading in full.

It has the potential to have a profound impact on the debate about selfies, and is worth watching carefully, particularly because it is not about the selfie.

It is about the importance of being mindful of one’s privacy.

It’s about the value of respecting the privacy of others.

It explains the importance that our social media users place on being aware of one another’s lives.

It points out that social media has a way of changing the way we see the world, and that it is our responsibility to learn to live with and manage our own social media use.

But the thing that strikes me most about this article is that Feeneys argument does not really apply to all Australians.

The article is about selfies.

And, if I’m being frank, that’s probably not a good place to start.

This article in the News Corp piece was written for the New South Wollongong Courier and the Courier Mail.

The Courier-Mail’s headline reads: Australia’s selfie obsession has a sinister purpose.

We need to stop being selfie addicts, says MP David.

What’s wrong with that headline?

It’s an obvious attempt to sell the article.

But this is not the article that I’m looking for.

What I’m really interested in is the argument that Feenes is making about the dangers of selfies.

The thing is, it is quite clear from his article that the purpose of the article is to sell Feenees article.

The point of the piece is to show that there are problems with selfies, which are actually not as bad as people think, and the reason why the article should be avoided at all costs is because the risks posed by selfies outweigh the benefits they have to offer.

There is a lot of misinformation about selfies on social media.

The idea that they are dangerous is a popular one, and I don’t think that there is any doubt that the stories are largely accurate.

But there is also a lot that is wrong with the article, and this is what I’m going to show you.

The second argument about selfies comes from the title of the headline, and as the title suggests, it makes a lot more sense to me.

In his article, Feeneres points to the article by Michaela Poon that I wrote in my article about selfie-taking, called The Danger of Selfies, which is also on the Courier-Post’s website.

The headline for the article says: “What can you do about selfies?”.

It is not quite as straightforward as it sounds, as Michaela points out.

The problem is that the article does not describe exactly what can you or anyone else do about the selfies, because there is not a lot to do about them.

We can’t change the way they are perceived, or we can’t stop them being taken.

But we can try to be more mindful of how we use them.

If we try to use them less and less, they become more and more problematic.

That’s because we don’t understand how our behaviour changes with the amount of time and the level of activity we are engaged in, and we often make decisions based on these factors.

I write about the problems that can be caused by the increased use of selfies in a previous article I wrote.

But I think it is important to stress that there isn’t an exact scientific answer to this question, and what is really important to understand is that selfies are not dangerous.

The main thing that happens is that we make mistakes, or things get out of hand, or something happens that we don of control.

And that can happen.

What we should be thinking about, however, is the possibility that these mistakes could be a contributing factor to some of the problems associated with selfies.

So, what can we do about it?

In the article I was referring to, I argued that we need to start thinking about how we can reduce the amount that people are taking selfies, so that they don’t become problematic.

I’m not sure how much of this article Feenehs article actually says.

It may be that he has read some of my work on selfies, but it is hard to tell.

But it’s important to remember that his argument is not that we should ban selfies.

It just seems that the main thing we should focus on is getting rid of the people who are taking them, and trying to make the rest of us better at managing them.

This, I think, is a good example of a useful approach to the problem.

Feenehys article points to a couple of studies that show that the amount we

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