What did you do with the $4.7 million you spent on your dad’s wedding?

The $4,721,876 in gifts, travel, and dining for Chris Matthews, wife Michele and their children, was a staggering sum, but the Matthewss family was also on the hook for the bride and groom’s wedding party’s $3.9 million, including the $1.2 million tab for the venue and catering.

The bride’s husband, Mark Matthews, is the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

And they have a lot of money, with $2.2 billion in wedding spending, including a wedding party of just over 3,000 people that was hosted by the Houston-based Christian Broadcasting Network and the wedding party.

So the Matthewses were going to the altar for their first big day together, but they also needed to make sure their kids and grandchildren had something to look forward to.

That meant getting ready to spend a lot.

They had to buy the biggest wedding gifts the world has ever seen, with nearly $100,000 worth of gifts for the altar and the ceremony itself.

It included a $5,000-a-head, one-of-a kind portrait of Mark Matthews that will be on display at the White House and a $2,500 wedding dress from the couple’s wedding day in 2010.

For the wedding’s guests, that meant spending about $1,500 per person.

It was also the second-highest wedding gift in history, after the $5.2-million, one day celebration of Andrew Jackson’s wedding to Susan B. Anthony in 1924, and it is a huge step up from the $300 wedding gift that Mark Matthews and Michele Matthews received for their 2008 wedding.

But the Matthews kids didn’t have much time to celebrate.

The family’s wedding reception and rehearsal was a week away.

They weren’t able to book the ceremony, which they were expecting to have in late January.

So Mark Matthews decided to hire a private party for their honeymoon, including $1 million for a private jet and $5 million for hotel rooms, all in order to make it as comfortable for the Matthews family as possible.

They also paid for a limousine and chauffeur for the couple, so they could drive the couple to the ceremony.

But for Mark Matthews’ son, Dylan, it was a little harder.

He had been planning a trip to Mexico with his family to celebrate their new wedding, and he had been told to do everything he could to be there for the wedding.

He was also told to be available to attend a “family reunion” at the altar, but he said he was told that was not part of the plan.

Dylan Matthews said that while the couple had plans to fly out to Mexico, the trip was not going to be easy.

He said they were being told that it was not in the plan to attend the ceremony and that the event was going to have to be canceled.

He didn’t understand what he was being told, and even though the family was planning to spend the day at a beach in the state of Guanajuato, it wasn’t going to happen, he said.

So instead, the Matthews children decided to fly to Houston to get the big day.

It meant that the Matthews household was not only spending $2 million on their wedding, but also spending about the same amount on a big day at the Altar of Jesus Christ, which had to be cleaned, renovated, and painted.

The Matthews family had to hire more than 1,000 contractors to do the painting and remodeling, as well as the entire decorating, to make the Altair of Jesus look its best.

The cost of the decorations also doubled, to about $11,000.

Mark Matthews said the family felt like it was spending a lot, but that they didn’t know what to do with all that money.

Mark and Michele had already started a new business to get a better handle on the money.

They were going for an independent business, which was the perfect way to spend that money without getting a lot in the way of expenses, Mark said.

They hired an accountants who would help them manage the money and they were going through the entire process of getting the money together.

And then they were looking for the best way to move forward with the wedding, so that the wedding could be the biggest day of his life.

For Mark Matthews there were some big decisions to make.

He and Michele were getting married in front of a sea of people in the White Senate chamber.

They are one of the only couple in the country who are able to do that.

And their wedding day is going to take place in front the entire world, including their children and grandchildren.

But it was also going to cost a lot to go through all the different steps to make that happen, Mark added.

Mark said he and Michele wanted to do it right,

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