What is veganism?

A video posted by Vegan World (@veganworld) on Feb 15, 2018 14:37:06The answer to that question can seem rather nebulous at times.

And it’s not easy to define exactly what veganism is.

The word vegan is not actually a scientific term, so when the BBC asked the Oxford Dictionary what “vegan” means, it said “the state of being without any animal products”.

That’s pretty vague, but the BBC is keen to make the definition more concrete.

So what does “vegans” actually mean?

“Veganism is the state of living without animal products,” the BBC explains.

“It is a type of behaviour, but it’s also not an ideology.”

Vegan advocates like to use the word “non-vegan”, which suggests that the non-vegans are not in favour of animals.

The BBC’s definition is less clear-cut: “Non-vegetarianism is a lifestyle that is not based on animal products.”

What does this mean?

Well, the BBC points out that “non veganism” is not necessarily an end in itself.

So vegan advocates like Natalie Bennett and the Vegan Society say they’re happy to use “non vegetarian” to mean “someone who is not a vegetarian”.

However, “non vegans” also means that people who are not vegan are happy to eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

The vegan group Vegans for Life (VFL) also uses the word, arguing that “vegetarians who are non-meat eaters can be vegans too.”

There are a lot of definitions for veganism, which vary across different communities.

For example, in the UK, a vegan diet is considered a “favoured lifestyle”, which means that veganism has no negative impact on your health.

In America, a “veggie” diet is defined as eating only plants and minimising animal products.

Vegans, however, argue that “eating plant-based food is not good for the environment”.

Some people may not agree with the word vegan, but some vegan activists are keen to use it.

For example, Natalie Bennett, founder of the Vegan Party, says that vegan activists have a “responsibility to spread the word” and that “our aim is to spread veganism”.

Vegan campaigners have been pushing for vegan food products for years.

They’re also campaigning against the use of animals in food production, including in animal testing.

Vegan activists have also been campaigning against animal testing, such as the use in animal tests of meat from factory farms.

The BBC’s website says:”Vegan diets are also a non-dairy diet, and it is also possible to be vegan in both vegan and non- vegan ways.”

If you’re a vegan, however you define yourself, you’ll want to know what it is you’re against, or if you think veganism makes sense for you.

If you’re unsure, we suggest you read our guide to the definitions of veganism.

Are you vegan?

Do you want to find out more?

Take our quiz.

Read more about veganism:Follow the BBC’s Vegan World on Twitter.

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