“I’ll vote for a woman who’s not a Trump supporter”

Trump supporters in Iowa are reportedly voting for Jill Stein instead of Trump.

A Trump supporter in Des Moines, Iowa, said he’s voting for Stein because “Trump doesn’t do enough to help the working class and the poor.”

A Trump backer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa told local ABC affiliate KCCI-TV, “I think Trump is the only one that actually cares about the working man and the working woman.”

A group of Trump supporters gathered at a gas station in Des Plaines, Illinois, in front of a mural depicting Trump and his supporters holding up signs with messages like “The Party of the Rich and Famous is Dead.”

Trump supporters held signs saying “Hillary for prison” and “Drain the swamp.”

Trump and Jill Stein are still not in the race.

Trump supporters have also been photographed with the candidate in Iowa, but there have been no signs of any of these events or any sign of Stein’s support.

A new poll from Morning Consult shows Clinton leading Trump by a wide margin.

According to the poll, Clinton has a 10-point lead over Trump.

The poll shows Clinton holding a 54 percent to 32 percent advantage among voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

However, Clinton’s lead among African Americans has increased since the Morning Consult poll was conducted in mid-July.

Trump has been in a slump since his presidential campaign ended, with several polls showing him down in the double digits.

In the latest poll, he had a 6-point edge among black voters, with 43 percent of black voters voting for him and 44 percent supporting him.

But since the beginning of the month, he has regained the lead among white voters with 46 percent to Clinton’s 39 percent.

This new poll also showed Trump leading Clinton by 10 points among those who said they are either very concerned about the economy, somewhat concerned, somewhat worried or very concerned.

Clinton is still leading among independents, the poll showed.

The Morning Consult survey has Clinton leading by 14 points among independents in Iowa.

Clinton has been leading Trump among those with a college degree in Iowa since late July.

The survey showed Clinton leading him by 12 points among college graduates, with 51 percent of college graduates voting for her and 45 percent supporting her.

Clinton’s advantage among white college graduates has also increased.

She has a 49-point advantage among college educated white voters, the survey showed.

Trump continues to be in a big slump in the early states, with a new poll showing him losing ground in Iowa’s first three counties.

Trump’s support has been dropping in Des Lake, Iowa and Cedar Rapids.

Trump is losing ground to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with 42 percent of those surveyed saying they have an unfavorable opinion of her and 43 percent saying they are “very favorable” of her.

In Iowa, a new survey by ABC News shows Clinton leads Trump by 8 points among Iowa voters.

The ABC News poll showed Clinton ahead by 14 percentage points among black and Latino voters.

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