What you need to know about the woman accused of killing a boy, then killing a second child, and then murdering a third child

A young woman accused in the death of a boy and the slaying of his brother is facing murder charges.

The woman is charged with murder in the June 22, 2017, killing of a 3-year-old boy and his 3-month-old brother.

In court documents, a prosecutor said in a video recorded in May, the woman’s husband and father told investigators that the woman and the man were in a heated argument.

She said they said the man was trying to pull the child away from the woman, and the woman punched him in the face, causing a bruise.

Investigators said in court documents that in the struggle, the child’s head struck the side of the mother’s car, and his head and face were also hit.

Authorities said the boy’s father then told investigators the woman pushed him out of the car and took the boy.

At the time, the girl had a knife, a hunting knife, and a handgun in her car.

After the shooting, the mother was charged with child endangerment, child neglect, and child endangerance by use of a firearm.

She was held on $10,000 bond.

On Monday, prosecutors released the video of the alleged altercation.

Prosecutors also released video of an incident where the girl said the mother pushed her son out of her car and pushed her out of their home.

The video shows the mother telling investigators that her son was trying for her hand.

She said she pulled her hand away from him and told him to leave the house.

“That’s when he said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ and I said, [expletive] you, motherfucker,” she said.

Later, the daughter was at the girl’s house when the mother and the girl argued.

During the argument, she says the girl told her to “get out of my house,” and that she had a gun in her house.

The girl said she told the mother to go back to her house, but she was told she was not allowed to go.

Moments later, she said, she heard someone scream, and saw the girl, the boy, and her sister, who she did not know, standing outside.

Family members said they believe the girl has mental health issues and is suicidal.

According to the court documents obtained by ABC News, the alleged victim was taken to a local hospital after the fight, where she said she was in “a lot of pain” and “had a lot of cuts and bruises.”

The mother was arrested on a charge of child endangerter of a child, a second-degree felony.

She posted $1,000 bail, and was released.

The judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

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