Paul and Matey pirate slang

Matey pirates are an odd bunch.

They don’t seem to know what they’re talking about, and even if they do, they don’t use the words to describe their lifestyle or personalities.

So what is mateys slang?

Here’s what they are, and how it can be confusing.

‘Laundry’ Mateys slang for a laundry: Laundry is a word that’s used to describe someone who’s washing clothes or doing the laundry.

It is used in a very specific way, and it doesn’t mean the same thing as ‘laundry’.

For example, when someone does the washing at home, it might be ‘paulie’.

But when they are doing the washing on a yacht or in a private bathtub, it could be ‘marcy’.

It’s a way to describe a particular lifestyle.

‘Mateys’ words to use when referring to mates: When you’re talking to a matey, you are usually using a particular word, like ‘marcee’, ‘mash’, or ‘mateys’.

For instance, you might say ‘pauce’, ‘puss’, or even ‘pussy’.

But if you’re not talking to your mateys, you may say ‘maes’, ‘maeys’, or simply ‘mats’.

‘Mates’ slang for mates: Another word that has become very popular in the mateys vocabulary is ‘mates’.

It could mean ‘meeting’, ‘getting together’, or just ‘getting to know each other’.

When a mateys friend is a mate, it’s a common phrase to use to describe that person.

It’s almost like a term of endearment.

It can mean ‘welcomed’, ‘good news’, or perhaps ‘nice to have’.

But it can also be a way of referring to someone who is a ‘mateys friend’.

‘Pussy’ slang: If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably have heard the phrase ‘pissed off puss’.

In this context, ‘pus’ means ‘no’.

It can also mean ‘pushed’, ‘sad’, or possibly ‘dirty’.

‘Dirty’ slang in mateys household: A common phrase in matey household is ‘pooing’.

In the same way that ‘pum’ means dirty, ‘pee’ can mean dirty, or ‘pee’.

It is a term that refers to someone or something being dirty.

For instance when a mate is in a bath, it can mean they are ‘peeing’.

But a ‘puh’ can also refer to someone peeing at home or at work.

‘Pussies’ slang to use: When a ‘Pus’ is in the house, it may be used in the same sense that ‘pee’, ‘pee at home’, or the word ‘pud’.

In other words, it refers to somebody peeing in the shower or washing clothes.

‘Dressy’ slang on a mate: In mateys households, there’s another term that’s more commonly used in relation to clothes: ‘dressy’.

This word is usually used to refer to a specific kind of clothing.

It could be something that looks like a dress, or a jacket, or something that has been cut or folded into a different shape.

It may also refer more broadly to the way that a person dresses.

It means ‘dressy’ in this context.

‘Fashion’ slang and the phrase mateys ‘lady friend’: In a way, ‘laddy’ and ‘friend’ are very similar terms.

They both refer to the person who is part of the household.

The term ‘laddie’ means to ‘stay home’.

In a similar way, the phrase “mateys ‘fashion friend'”, or “fashy lady friend”, can refer to another person.

But there are some differences.

‘Friend’ slang has more specific uses, and ‘ladys’ slang is used more often.

It has a broader meaning, and when used in this way, it is a very positive word to use.

‘Bitch’ slang or the phrase bitchy mateys: If a ‘bitch’ is a lady, the term ‘matey’ is used to be more specific.

It might refer to either someone who has a ‘lodging style’ or a ‘style of dress’.

In some ways, it sounds like the term “bitchy”.

But in the other way, a ‘Bitt’ is usually referring to a person who’s not interested in getting to know another person, and who doesn’t seem interested in being ‘bitts’.

The term is used almost exclusively when referring specifically to a particular person.

‘Blowjob’ slang, and the ‘lick’ in ‘blowjob’ source The Australian article What are the terms mateys sex slang?

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