Why do you care? Why do we care?

Posted by Associated Press on Wednesday, July 20, 2019 03:00:15We’re asking you to give us the facts.

We need to know what’s going on.

We want to know the truth.

We’re asking for your help.

We ask that you tell us the truth, but not in a way that belittles the victims or misrepresents them.

We do not want the truth to be tainted by the emotion of someone trying to make a statement.

That’s what happened to the parents of a young girl who died in the Philippines in October.

The story went viral because it was reported in the Philippine news media and because it took on a political significance that was difficult for many Filipinos to accept.

The Philippine media reported that her parents, a family of eight from Manila, had left for Thailand, where they were living at the time.

They were reported missing by her family members, and then their whereabouts were reported to the police.

That led to speculation that the couple had been abducted and taken to Thailand, but the police eventually confirmed that their daughter was in Thailand.

The couple was found by police on the Thai side of the border.

They are still missing, but there are indications that they may have been killed.

A few days after the family was reported missing, a local news report described the family as being “sick and confused” and “confused and angry” about what happened.

But it went on to say that the family “apparently lost hope” and was planning to return to Manila.

That report, however, made no mention of the girl’s father, who had been living in Thailand for a while.

He did not return the AP’s phone calls seeking comment.

The AP contacted the police in Manila and asked them to investigate the family’s disappearance.

They said they had not received the case.

After more than three months, no one has been found.

The girl’s parents, who did not have Thai passports, had been trying to travel to the United States.

But they were prevented by a police agent from doing so.

The family’s daughter had a job at a local restaurant and could not go, so they tried to go by foot.

After some unsuccessful attempts, the family returned to the Philippines.

In late October, they left for the airport, but were detained and arrested.

A Philippine judge ordered that they be released on bail, but a lawyer for the family said that the court denied the release request.

The parents’ attorney, who is representing them, said the family is not seeking bail.

The judge did not issue a final ruling on their case.

The lawyer said they have not been told if they will be deported.

The case has also been reported in several other Philippine newspapers.

The Inquirer reported that the father is now in a Philippine jail and the girl is in Thailand, though it is unclear what charges are pending against them.

The Manila Bulletin reported that a local government official told the Inquireor that a judge ordered the release of the parents, but no charges have been filed yet.

The father is in a Thai prison, according to the Inquimist.

The mother is in jail in Thailand and is being held there under the pretense that she is the missing girl’s mother.

A local newspaper reported that she had been “treated in a very bad way.”

The AP also asked the Philippine government for information on whether the father had any ties to the country’s Communist Party.

No information was provided.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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