‘I’ll be back’ – RTE’s James Maitland on returning to the game

The Irishman’s latest adventure comes as the Six Nations is set to get underway, and James Miltie Bath Foam is the latest to join the list of products being promoted by the brand.

In a statement, the brand says the Foam has been created specifically for Irish rugby players, who have an amazing sense of humour and are often asked how they got into the game.

“For us, it is about taking the banter and silliness that we love and applying it to a more serious environment,” it said.

“We have been working closely with a number of other brands, and in recent months have been able to create a range of products that fit in with our brand, but are also great for the environment.”

The new product, matey Bath Foams, is the perfect match.

Its a product that we have been talking about for a number on the Irish Rugby Sevens Team, and it has just been perfect.

“The new Foam will be available to download from the Sixers store from April 2 and will be priced at €24.95, a saving of €4.50.

The new products are part of the brand’s commitment to be the “world’s most trusted source of Irish-made products” by the end of this year, and they will be sold in the Sixes’ retail outlets across the country.

Maitland will be the first Irishman to wear the Foamposite number nine jersey for the Sixres since 2015, and he hopes it will be an inspiration for others.”

As the first person to wear it, I’m sure that I will have the chance to tell people that I’m proud of it.””

It will be a great way to show my respect to the Irish people and the team and to the other players who are making this sport great.”

As the first person to wear it, I’m sure that I will have the chance to tell people that I’m proud of it.

“And I’m really looking forward to the team meeting me at the end.”

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