How to get naked and get a job

Sanya Maiti, who was fired from her job at a bank for wearing a skimpy bikini, is about to embark on a new adventure.

Maiti’s lawyer said on Friday that she is planning to go to Canada for the first time to get her passport.

“She has been told she can come to Canada on a tourist visa and she’s going to come back with her passport,” lawyer Lisa Geller told reporters in Toronto.

Geller said that the passport would be processed and the application approved.

I want to be a tourist.

She has a passport, she said.

The 34-year-old Maitie’s experience at the Toronto-Dominion Bank was the subject of a media investigation in late January.

She was fired after the bank sent her a letter saying she was no longer eligible for overtime pay.

During the investigation, the bank said Maities dress did not meet company standards, and that she had “not done the job properly” during the two-day interview process.

After a meeting with senior management, Maitit was reinstated and she was reinstated a month later.

But Maitis experience at TD Canada Trust is a case study in how to get your work visa.

While the bank is responsible for the hiring of all applicants for its banks, the board is not legally obligated to process applications from applicants who are not qualified for the job.

TD said it does not process applications of non-qualified employees, including those who are transgender.

In January, Machie said she had applied to work at TD in New York, where she was hired.

According to Maity, she was given a letter that said she was not qualified to work for TD Canada, but that she would be hired to work in Toronto, where the bank was based.

This is not the first instance where Maitite has had to deal with discrimination at a job interview.

Her story sparked a conversation about how transgender Canadians are being unfairly treated in the workplace.

For instance, she and her husband had been fired from their jobs as a cashier and bartender at the Bank of Nova Scotia after they refused to accept a dress code policy.

Instead, they were told to change their dress, and Maitiy had to put on a bra and a wig to go through the interview process in a dress and a bikini.

It’s not uncommon for transgender Canadians to face discrimination in the hiring process, and TD said in a statement that it was investigating Maitits story.

More than 10,000 transgender Canadians have applied for work visas under the Canadian Human Rights Act, according to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

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